Kids birthday cakes

Popular cake trends for your next party

There are so many amazing cakes around these days.  I could sit on Pinterest for hours looking at them.  The cake is one of the most popular aspects of a kid’s party.  Everyone loves cake time! Having said that you don’t have to put out a piece of art to makes kids happy but here are some of my favourite cakes at the moment for inspiration if you are planning your next cake. 


Kids go crazy for the piñata cake.  Not only are they gorgeous but they are so fun.  When the cake is cut open and the lollies fall out – the excitement on kid’s faces is such a wonderful thing - you can’t help but love the smiles and excitement. 

There are some great videos on youtube showing you how to make one. 

Pinata cake

Pinata cake


These are a bit involved as they require many layers but the outcome is beautiful.  Rainbow is also such a fun party theme and it compliments other themes such as unicorn or fairy.

You can add rainbow decorations to your home for a beautiful party.

rainbow cake

rainbow cake

Drip cakes

The drip look is super popular at the moment.  It looks like someone has melted a glazed frosting and it’s dripped down the sides of the cake.  It ends up with a beautiful effect that any little girl would be thrilled to have as their cake.  Here is a great blog on how to make one. 

Drip cake

Drip cake

Black frosting

Ok this might not sound like a kids cake but done right it can be really amazing.  I adore this glam rock cake from sweetapolita.  This is one of the most amazing cakes I’ve ever seen.  You can also watch a video of this cake being made. 

Gorgeous black icing cake

Gorgeous black icing cake

Mirror glaze

There are some beautiful mirror glazes out there.  Some of these cakes look too good to cut into! These will delight everyone but beware of any small kids who may want to put their fingers in it before the party!

Marble and metal

The marble look is one of the most popular at the moment.  They look amazing in tiered cakes.  This may be a bit much for a kid’s party but still nice for some inspiration!  Adding metallic onto cakes lets your princess have a mature beautiful cake.  

gold cake

Works of art

Adding things like doughnuts, macaroons and other embellishments can turn a cake into a fabulous work of art.  I love the cakes from unbirthday bakery.  They aren’t just cakes they are masterpieces.  Lottie and Belle based in Perth also make the most amazing cakes.  Go to their Instagram page for some inspiration. 

Lottie and Belle cake

Lottie and Belle cake

Donut cakes

One donut is never enough so when they form a cake you a delicious and fun cake.  These are easy to do – you just need to be able to stack well!  Throw some flowers, flags or sprinkles on for some extra flair! 

I hope you found some inspiration for your next cake!

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Pretty little things party

Pretty little things party





A Birthday Cake Alternative That’s Still A Tasty Cake

With allergy and dietary requirements becoming a big focus nowadays, it can seem difficult to make a traditional birthday cake. But fret not it can be done and with the right recipe it can be delicious and simple to make. You won’t even miss some of the ingredients with the right substitutions in place.

When you are having a birthday party for your child, you probably have a good idea of which of their friends have allergy requirements. It’s just a fact of life that kids sometimes have serious allergies. So you want to consider all kids that are attending the party, just to be on the safe side. No one likes to miss out on cake, so having an egg, nut, and gluten free cake is the way to go. Or if you don’t need to go that far, just having a nut free cake is important. Here are some recipes to consider for your child’s birthday bash.

Gluten Free Funfetti Cake: What this cake lacks in gluten and dairy, it makes up for in taste and style. Gorgeous rainbow colours flank the cake all around the sides in the form of colourful sprinkles. The cake itself is moist and tasty with gluten free flour, and non-dairy butter. Sprinkles are even inside the vanilla based cake batter for a cake that your child and their guest will “ooh and ahh” over. Keep in mind this cake is not nut free since there is almond extract in the recipe. You can easily remove that ingredient though to make it nut free for the kids.

Vanilla Quinoa Cake With Chocolate Vegan Frosting: We know what you are thinking. This cake doesn’t sound that good. Quinoa in a cake? Being gluten free and without nuts as well makes this cake right for most people’s dietary issues. With combination of dairy free milk, sweet potatoes, and quinoa, you won’t even be able to tell this cake isn’t traditional. You’ll just want a second slice.

What’s a birthday cake without some ice cream? You can also find dairy and nut free ice creams fairly easily at some of the whole foods geared gourmet groceries stores. Cocofrio is an amazing Australian based ice cream brand that specializes in dairy and gluten free frozen ice cream. There many flavors will appeal to grownups and kids alike. Try the Chocolate Raspberry Ripple, Salted Caramel, or the Naked Coconut alongside a piece of cake for the ultimate birthday treat that is sensitive to allergy sufferers needs. Looking for a unique party idea. 

A Pretty Little Things Party lets your daughter and her friends make unique and beautiful jewellery.  It's a girls dream party.