A Confident and Creative Child is a Happy One: How To Build Confidence

When you become a parent you want your children to grow up as confident people. So you do everything in your power to make sure that happens of course. Having children grow up empowered to be expressive and creative is a part of the process.

Our vision at Pretty Little Things Parties is to provide a framework for building a confident child through jewellery making. This may seem like a bit of a lofty idea, but it’s absolutely true that children who are allowed to make things with their own hands develop a sense of inner worth. Plus, it’s just plain fun! That’s part of what being a kid is all about, just having fun. If they can build their confidence along the way that’s a terrific bonus to strive for.

Programs At The Hellenic Museum

The Hellenic Museum in Melbourne is on the forefront of this theory on children and creativity. Sarah Craig is the curator and she firmly believes that, “jewellery making helps to develop divergent thinking and enables children scenes to generate at their peak.” They offer special workshops just for children that will develop and explore their skills to the fullest. A special jewellery making workshop for children is offered there in two hour lessons that will teach them everything they need to know about this highly artistic craft.

Other Benefits Of Jewellery Making

Another benefit to jewellery making for children is that it develops hand and eye coordination. That’s why at Pretty Little Parties we have developed certain jewellery making parties that are geared towards different age groups and skill levels. So even the littlest ones can get in on the fun. Our Pearl Party is geared towards the skills of a 5-7 year old, while the next level is the Crystal Party for 8-11. Finally for the older gals who are on the cusp of teen hood, you are going to want to explore a Ruby Tweens Party for 12 and up. The materials we use for the jewellery is high quality to make sure the pieces the girls create will last a long time. Pride in what they have created is another lasting impression they will remember each and every time they put on their special jewellery piece.

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