Planning a Wonder Woman themed party

I just saw Wonder Woman on the weekend and loved it. A strong female lead who wins the day. What’s better than female empowerment. Our philosophy is around empowering girls and I love anything that also does the same.

Super hero parties are nothing new but whenever a movie comes along that is incredibly popular – the party themes also become popular.

So if you’re a Wonder Woman fan here are some tips on planning a super party for your little hero.


Wonder Woman is all about gold (yellow), blue and red. Within this anything goes but there is a lot of fun you can have with it. Start with the invitations. You can find some great ones on Etsy or make your own using what you can find around the internet. Pick your balloons, streamers, and food to match these colours. You can find Wonder Woman plates and napkins but you can also just stick to the colours red, yellow and blue. Throw in some stars and there you have it – Wonder Woman feeling party room. There are some great printables of signs and cake toppers with super hero words like POW, ZAP and BAM. These really add to the feel.

wonder woman table


If you stick to your red, blue and yellow theme there is still a lot you can do using these colours. Or add a super hero feel by using signs in your food like wonder dogs for your hot dogs. I love this POP popcorn with some red and blue lollies thrown in.


If you feel like splurging have some cookies made up using the Wonder Woman costume, logo and some hero words. There are amazing things being done with fondant which can turn a regular cupcake into a super cupcake!

wonder woman cupcakes

Star shaped sandwiches are always a hit and totally on theme so get that start shaped cookie cutter out and make use of it. While you are at it you can also make start shaped cookies. Here’s my no-fail sugar biscuit recipe which make great biscuits you can decorate.

super hero punch


The best part of the party will be the games. Here are some fun suggestions for games. Start with making your party dress up. Come as your favourite super hero. Doesn’t require people to have expensive cosumes but can be fun.

Pin the lasso on Super Woman – let the kids try to pin the lasso as close as possible to Wonder Woman’s belt

Pass the parcel with a super hero twist – have the prizes all super hero related. You can find fun super hero related prizes in discount shops.

Decorate a head piece – Wonder Woman has the best head piece she wears. Let the kids make their own and decorate it. Or have masks or capes kids can decorate. Kids love masks and capes!

Balloon games-  you can play any balloon games – but keep the balloons red, yellow and blue.

Photo booth – have a photo booth area with some great super hero props – you don’t only have to have Wonder Woman. Let the kids dress in caps and use some props so they can all be super heros.

photo booth props

Super hero quick change – play some music and have some super hero outfits ready - get everyone to dress in them when the music stops – the last person is out. Keep it going until you have the winner.

Colouring in – you can have some print outs and markers ready and let everyone create a work of art colouring in some pictures.


There are some amazing Wonder Woman cakes – if you want to outsource your cake there would be many cake shops that would be happy to design one for you. If you want a cake supplier near you check out this fabulous party website that has a directory of all things you need to plan your party.

classic wonder woman cake

Or you can get some cake toppers and make a plain cake and put those on top.

I love layered cakes so for some surprise make the layers blue and red – will look great when it’s cut.

WW cake

Have fun with the cake – it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece.

Party bags

Themed party bags can be purchased or you can just buy plain coloured ones. If you want to do some arts and crafts decorate your bags with the Wonder Woman logo. I love these jars from Pink Frosting – fill with some lollies and you have a great little party favour. Give everyone this certificate when they leave - so everyone is an official super hero!

super hero lollies

Some other things you can put in them include:

  • Red, white, blue or yellow lollies
  • Nail polish
  • Pop rocks
  • Bubbles
  • Bouncing balls
WW party bags

Or whatever your little super hero wants to put in them. A nice cookie is also a fun way to say thanks.

wonder woman party favours.jpg

There are so many options out there for ways you can celebrate super hero style – have a fun party! Girl Power – bam!

Image credits - from Pinterst and Kara's Party Ideas.