The Ultimate Party Decorating and Styling Tips For the Best Bash

People go all out for party decorating nowadays. The ideas for different party decorations are very inventive and exciting. They do add an ambiance to your party that you won’t have without them.

The options available are amazing with more balloon colours and decorations available. Not to say that you have to keep up with anyone, but your child will truly appreciate the time and effort that goes into planning just the right birthday bash to make them feel like a princess for a day!

Memories of birthday party celebrations last forever, so having just the right style tips for the ultimate celebration is important. If you feel like you are up to the task of handling all the details for your celebration by all means go ahead, if not you can always hire a professional party planner to help you get everything planned the right way.

If you are planning to have a Pretty Little Things jewellery making party, you can visit our website for some inspiration to use with whichever party you choose for your kid. One place to start is by having some gorgeous floral decorations on the tables where the girls will be making their pieces. A floral motif is very popular because all little girls love flowers, so you can really amp up the charm that way.

The Theme Party

If your child has a favourite superhero, princess, or they happen to adore animals you can centre their party around a specific theme. That way if everything is geared toward that theme, it’s easier to tie everything together from the décor to the food. Even the gift bags you hand out to the children can be themed. Plus, they will get to take home the jewellery they make from the party as well, so having a pretty bag to put it in is helpful.



Colours Of The Rainbow

Rainbow colours everywhere is another fine trend to follow. Making the decorations all different colours can be bright and appealing. You can also focus on one specific colour if they have a favourite, and then do all the different shade variations of the colour. For example if they love “purple” you can do an array of purple shades from light lavender to deep royal plum.



Having a party styled to be remembered by your child forever is not as hard as you think with the right inspiration. Talk to our party stylists today at Pretty Little Parties on how to make your kids party the absolute best it can be with games, entertainment, and themes that will become a treasured memory. Just check out the photos on our website of all those smiling girls’ faces!

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