Pretty Little Things Brings You: Books To Share With Your Daughters

Reading is a way to connect to the world on a whole new level. It can teach, entertain, inspire, and bond you with your daughter year after year. Right from the start, reading to your newborn baby daughter will let her focus on your loving voice, and expressive features as you share tale after tale with her.

“Again, Mum again!” You’ll hear that refrain over and over, because children love to hear their favourites more than once. Finding the right books is not a hard task. Visiting your local bookshop or library will unearth a treasure trove of material each time you go. It’s hard picking just one! Here are some great ideas for different aged girls as she grows into adulthood, hopefully with a great love for books, because you’ve shared some of these with her.

Are You My Mother By: P.D. Eastman    ages 3-7
This is a great first book to read about a little bird searching for his mother. Don’t worry, (spoiler alert) he finds her! The pictures are sweetly laid out, but the repeated phrasing is what will highly delight your little one. “Are You My Mother” is the perfect book for bedtime stories that you will enjoy reading as much as they like hearing them.

Diary of a Wombat By: Jackie French and Bruce Whatley   ages 3-7
You’ll fall in love with the antics of this cuddly looking Wombat named “Mothball.” The tongue-in-cheek portrayal of a day in the life of this Australian creature will fascinate and amuse young children. This award winning book is one that your child will take to bed again and again.

Sideways Stories From Wayside School By: Louis Sacher  ages 8-12
This book will teach kids that no matter what goes on in their school, the tales from the Wayside School will be much more ridiculous. A hilariously fun read that will show children they aren’t alone if school is difficult at times. A cool story to read on their own as one of their first “big kid” books.

Charlotte’s Web By: E.B. White  ages 8-12
Reading this timeless tale of life on the farm with all the well known mischief of “Wilbur” the pig, “Fern”, and “Charlotte” the spider who befriends him is a touching tale that will teach young children the importance of friendship. This is a great first chapter style book to read your daughter. Read a chapter or two per night until you make it through this sweet book that truly teaches how you should stand up for those that you love.

Ramona The Pest By: Beverly Cleary  ages 8-12
For anyone that is a little sister, or has a little sister will enjoy this series of books about the adventures of “Ramona” and her big sister “Beezus.” Kids of all ages will identify with the life happenings of these dynamic sisters. It teaches some great lessons about rolling with the punches of life, but doing so with the loving support of a great family, The Quimby’s.