Easter Girly Brunch & Hunt

It’s that Easter time of year again, so what better way to celebrate the season than with an egg hunt and brunch?

Get all the local mums and girls together before the big day for a terrific “girls only” party that’s sure to tickle everyone’s pink fancy. Serve delicate finger foods that are both sweet and savoury to enjoy before the main event...the egg hunt!

Food To Serve At Brunch
Some great ideas you could serve are: mini egg frittatas, fruit cups and a french toast bake that can be done ahead of time. They should all be individual portions that are very simple to serve buffet style. Don’t forget drinks and dessert. Champagne mimosa’s for the mum’s and sparkling orange juice for the little girls will make them feel just as special if served in pretty glasses. Then of course dessert is all the chocolate the girls can find in the egg hunt!

Easter table.jpg

Wear Your Best Easter Attire
Everyone can wear their finest, but be sure to provide little baskets for the hunt extravaganza. Hide little toys, jewellery trinkets, and lollies in each plastic egg, so the girls have a bunch of fantastic options to find inside the prizes. If there are a wide range of ages, it's best to do two hunts; One for the youngest little ones (1-6 years) and another for the older girls (7 and up bunch.)  Having enough eggs on hand will make sure that everyone leaves with plenty of treats!

Girl Bunny ears.jpg

More Activity Ideas For The Girls
The fun shouldn’t stop at just that one day. Keep in mind the kids have a whole two weeks holiday from school. Entertain the crowd at a Pretty Little Things private jewellery making workshop for your daughter and up to twelve of her besties. We guarantee this will be a day they won’t ever forget. Each guest will get to create 2-3 pieces of jewellery to take home with them. It will be the highlight of the Easter school holidays that the girls will giggle about for years to come.