Themed Party Ideas & Dress Up's

Memories of being a little girl are of the brilliant weekend birthday parties.

It was a magical time where being a fairy didn’t just mean donning pantyhose covered wire hanger wings. No no! Each child at the party would spend hours on glitter placement, covering their gumboots in blue faux fur (to make cat feet, of course) and amazing goggly eyed headband creations that could only mean one thing: today, you possessed the powers of an outer space alien!

Kids haven’t changed a bit. Yes, of course, the costume on the internet looks more lifelike and, yes, perhaps homemade costumes take more time, creativity and patience. However the pride taken in a costume you’ve made yourself beats looking like everyone else, hands down, every time.

Imagining, making and creating are some of childhood’s great luxuries. A Pretty Little Things Pearl Party is another way of adding to the perfect themed dress-up party.

A Prince or Princess may arrive with a crown, but how fitting would it be for them to leave with their very own royal-worthy jewels?

Image credit:  DIY Lace Projects

Image credit: DIY Lace Projects