Autumn Party Themes

Autumn really is here to stay and the change of season welcomes so much goodness. That crisp evening air has Pretty Little Things dreaming of hot chocolates (with marshmallows of course!), falling leaves and new season apples. Perfect weather for a woodsy themed party, don’t you think? We’re feeling inspired by event planning company fire and creme’s whimsical little fairies in the woods. Just imagine a bunch of busy fairies making jeweled necklaces and headpieces in an enchanted backyard!

But best of all, autumn also means… Easter! We stumbled across a super easy recipe that combines this woodland theme with our undying love for chocolate. Meet Bakerella’s Chocolate Bunny Barka quick and easy party treat that can be made in advance.

 What we love most about Bakerella’s kid-friendly recipe is that it lets you and little helpers customise your bunny bark - candy can easily be substituted for dried fruit, nuts or whatever yummy sprinkly bits you prefer. So click on the links and hop to it!