Summer birthday party ideas

Looking for summer birthday party ideas? Make the most of the sunshine with these awesome outdoor party theme and entertainment ideas.

From Hawaiian luau themed pool parties to backyard camping and ice cream stations, you will have so much fun in the sun.

Do you have a summer birthday in your house? Make the most of the sunshine with these awesome outdoor party ideas.

Summer party themes

Surf, tropical and Hawaiian luau party themes are so hot right now (ha ha). For decoration, think sand and sea shells, bright flowers and large green leaves, or pineapples and hot pink flamingos. You’ll find lots of decoration inspiration here and a great blog on luau parties here. Pic below from from the luau blog. Picture credit for the water melon drink to - another great source of party ideas!

For refreshments, serve fruit kebabs and smoothies with paper umbrellas, and hand out party favours of thongs, grass skirts or flower leis.

Pool party

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, your party entertainment is all sorted – just throw in some floaty toys, lay out towels or deckchairs, set up a shady umbrella and hand out icy poles. Don’t forget sunscreen and to keep an eagle eye on the kids while they swim.

Water games

Even without a pool, you can still have lots of fun playing water games. Fill up buckets with water, hand out water pistols and water balloons, and let the kids go nuts. There are also loads of party game ideas that are a little more sedate – try having a relay race where the kids have to run with a bowl of water held on their head. You can find lots more fun game ideas by searching ‘water games’ on Pinterest.

Camping party

Let the kids have an outdoor sleepover – set up a tent or string up some sheets, and create a bonfire surrounded by log offcuts for seating. Let them toast marshmallows on the bonfire, or make s’mores or these delicious campfire cones. For a fun night time party activity, hide some treasures in the garden and let the kids go on a torch-lit scavenger hunt.

Ice cream sundae station

Kids love ice cream, and setting up a DIY sundae station is a super easy way to serve dessert. Lay out various toppings and sprinkles, along with toffee popcorn, choc dots and mini marshmallows. Then scoop ice cream into bowls and let the kids heap on their own toppings. They’ll love it!

Outdoor movies

Hire an inflatable screen and movie projector to create your own backyard cinema. Set up rows of chairs or rugs with cushions, provide some snuggly blankets and bowls of popcorn. Wait for the sun to set and enjoy your favourite DVD on the big screen.

If there’s too much summer going on…

If it’s going to be too hot to enjoy being outside, bring the party inside with these fabulous indoor party game ideas - such as limbo and craft parties.

Happy summer partying!