Seven amazing indoor kids party games

What are the best indoor kids party games? Here are our favourite children’s party activities, guaranteed to keep the kids entertained and stop them from destroying the house.

Pass the Parcel

The perennial kids party game! It may be old, but pass the parcel is still played at almost every party because the kids absolutely love it. So grab a prize, lots of paper and sticky tape, and get wrapping. Nowadays, it’s accepted practice to provide one main prize in the centre of the parcel, plus a small treat for each child inside every other layer. A sticker sheet, lollipop or small trinket will suffice. And here’s a bonus tip: If you have more than 15 children playing, make two parcels to hand around at the same time. For a change rather than a prize have instructions that are unwrapped like do a funny dance, stand on one leg. Makes the game more fun and less about the prizes!

Pin the Tail…With A Twist

Another oldie but goody – pin the tail on the donkey. You can buy readymade game kits from party shops and stores like Kmart. Or for a bit of extra fun, make your own game to suit your party theme. How about ‘pin the tiara on Elsa’ or ‘pin the banana on the minion’ or ‘pin the nose on the troll’? You can buy a poster, or have an image printed in poster size, then create some basic paper cutouts for the pieces, and use blue tack to stick them on.

Musical Fun

There are plenty of active indoor kids party games. Turn off the lights, hand out glow sticks and have a disco. Or play musical statues. When the music stops, the children must freeze, and anyone found moving is out. Make things trickier by getting the kids to ‘freeze’ on one leg. For extra laughs, yell out a command like ‘three people having a picnic’ and get the kids to freeze in a scene. Have a table where kids can bling themselves up for a bit of extra fun!


Continue the musical fun with a limbo competition. All you need is some sort of stick, and two people to hold it up. Line the kids up, turn the music on and let them limbo under the stick as you drop it lower and lower. Start with a few practice rounds before you get into serious competition mode.

Balloon Challenge

There’s lots of fun to be had with balloons. Give the children two balloons challenge them to keep both in the air for one minute (you’ll need a timer for this one). Or line the kids up and get them to pass a balloon from one to the other without using their hands. Or have each child rest a balloon on an upside-down party hat and walk from one end of the room to the other. Another fun one is to tie a balloon to each guests ankle and kids try to pop each others balloons. Whoever is left with their balloon not popped wins!  Turn on some music to make it a dance party!

Pass, keep or eat the lolly

You just need a dice, some lollies and to print off some of these instructions on what to do for each number that is rolled. Kids sit in a circle and roll a dice – depending on the number it will either tell them to pass the lolly, keep it or eat it. Load of fun and you never know what you’re going to get!

Crafts and Jewellery Making

Lay out a craft station and let the kids get creative. You might try decorating treasure boxes with stick-on gems, or painting an ornament. Perhaps the kids would like to make their own jewellery. The best bit is that the kids get to take home what they make, so you’ve nailed your party entertainment and take-home party favours in one.

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