10th birthday party ideas

It can be difficult coming up with 10th birthday party ideas. Your child is no longer young enough for traditional party games like pass the parcel, yet they’re not quite ready to move on from having a party all together and it’s always fun celebrating the move into double digits! What to do?

The trick is to choose party activities that tap into your child’s favourite hobbies, and to set up activities that the kids can undertake with some independence. The following party ideas fit the bill perfectly.

Movie party

Whether you set up an outdoor cinema or just turn on your TV, kids of this age love to indulge in some relaxed movie watching. Make a party out of it by adding a candy bar or popcorn station, comfy beanbags and even a red carpet so they can arrive like ‘stars.’ Set up a photo backdrop with props, and take pictures of everyone before the movie. Then while the movie is playing, print out the photos for everyone to take home. You can even pop them in a frame to make a party favour.

outdoor cinema

Slumber party

If you’re up for a sleepless night, organise an overnight sleepover.  If that doesn’t appeal, you can still run a pajama party for just a few hours. For entertainment, combine this with movie watching, or set up a photo booth, manicure and hair pamper station. Craft activities like jewellery making will also go down well. If your party is running through the night, you can also set up a scavenger hunt in the garden and provide each child with a little torch. For refreshments, set up a hot cocoa bar or sundae making station.

slumber party

Craft party

10 year olds can focus on activities for a decent length of time, so making a craft is great for this age group. Get them to create something they can take home, such as a set of jewellery.  You can also get them to decorate a matching jewellery box or bag to put it in. We offer DIY jewellery making kits so kids can enjoy making jewellery in their own time or we can host a party in your home where we take care of all the entertainment. You can throw a painting party and set each guest up with their own easel (pinterest has great ideas on making easels from boxes). The let the kids free flow or put on a movie and let them draw inspiration from that!

art party

Science party

Most 10 year old children love doing science experiments, and there are plenty you can try using supplies that are available from your supermarket – such as making slime or vinegar volcanoes. This party theme will be more hands-on for the host, but you’ll be having just as much fun as the kids.

Cover your tables in plastic cloth and, ideally, provide an apron or a lab coat for each guest. You can find instructions for all sorts of experiments with a simple search of the internet.

When it’s time for the party to end, send the kids home with test tubes full of jelly beans.

science party

Pizza making or cupcake decorating

The kids will have great fun making their own party food, and it will cut your party food preparation time in half. You can provide each child with a plain cupcake or two, then have tubes of icing, along with bowls of toppings, for them to decorate with. You can even have a ‘best cupcake decoration’ competition.

Alternatively, provide pizza bases for each child, then let them add their own toppings. Let the kids go off and play while you cook the pizzas and voila, your party meal is done.

Whatever you decide turning ten is a special time and one to be celebrated!

Happy party planning. x