Sugar free party bags

Kids love party bags! Their parents… well I love them but not everyone does! All too often party favour bags are filled with too many sweet treats. And if they’re not stuffed with candy, it’s little plastic toys that end up littering the house as soon as they’re brought home. I’m guilty of putting those into bags – hey they are fun for a few minutes!

So what’s the alternative if you still want to hand out treats at your next kid’s party?

Try buying just one higher quality item per child, and use tags or bags to present them nicely.  For little children, you can also tie a helium balloon to each bag. This makes a nice display, and gives them a little extra something to take home.

Here are some great sugar free party bag ideas for all ages, that will please both kids and their parents alike.

Baby and Toddler Party Favours

  • Giant bubble wands
  • Tub of playdoh
  • Wooden maraccas

Preschooler Party Bags

This age group love to decorate things, so provide them with dress-up items or balsa wood shapes, and let them loose with stick-on gemstones and foam shapes, ribbons, feathers and textas. 

Dress-ups could include tiaras or crowns, superhero masks, capes, tutus, fairy wings, pirate’s hats and eye patches. You can often buy cutout pieces made from foam or cardboard, and these are perfect for decorating.

crown party bags

Some great balsa wood objects to decorate include star wands, door hangers and treasure boxes, and you can find these at craft shops.

Plush toys also make another great party favor for this age group.

Older Kids

Craft or activity bags make great take home gifts for school aged kids.  You can buy pre-made kits from craft shops, or make your own. Some ideas include:

  • Art kit - Sketch book with pencils, or a mini canvas and paintbox
  • Lego kit
  • Jewellery making kit – you can buy kits ready-made from us or better yet throw a jewellery making party and then the party bags are done as each child gets to take their jewellery with them!
  • Photo frame with stick-on decorations
  • Slime making kit – with small bottle of glue, a teaspoon of borax powder and instructions.

Other fun party favour items for this age group include:

  • Mini torch
  • Book to read or book of games like Sudoku- you can pick up great books for $5 in places like Kmart. 
  • Air powered rockets, propellers and other flying toys
  • Colourful lunch box or drink bottle
  • Bag tags
  • Personalised flower pot with some soil and seeds – nothing better than giving something that will grow. Kids love this as it’s their own mini pot they can plant. You can pick up the cutest pots from reject shop and seeds cost next to nothing. You can give flowers, vegetables or herbs. Kids love these. 
  • Chalkboard with chalk – kids love to use these and you can get cheap ones at places like Daiso where everything is $2.80! 
  • Older girls love things like lip gloss, bubble bath and hair things.
  • Skipping ropes
  • Stamps and stamp pads
flower pots

Nutritional treats

Want to give something to munch on – things like fruit roll ups aren’t as bad as the sugar lollies normally found in party bags.  You could also give a box of raisins or chocolate covered goji nuts – a nice mix of a bit of chocolate but with something healthier in it. You can also make healthier muffins or biscuits that are made with less sugar and still delicious. I love these chocolate zucchini muffins!

There are so many options and if you want to do something a little different!

Happy party planning.