Throwing a DIY princess party

In the world of little children, princesses never go out of style. Neither do parties, and the princess party remains a favourite party theme. Here are some tips to help you create your own perfect DIY princess party.

DIY Princess Party Costumes

Ask your guests to come dressed as their favourite prince or princess. Then you can lay out some costume accessories for the children to add upon arrival. Have a collection of tiaras, crowns, wands, wings, hats, feather boas, wide ribbon or chiffon scarf sashes, toy jewellery and the like.  If little boys are attending, they may also like stick-on moustaches and flat caps. Try your local second hand shop or party shop for affordable costuming items.

princess party crowns

Princess Party Games

Create a princess party hat or wand

Provide each child with a plain party hat or balsa-wood star wand (available from craft shops), and lay out items to decorate them with. Use ribbons, feathers, strips of netting, stick-on gems, glitter glue, or other craft supplies. The children can then wear these items during the party and take them home as a party favour.

Kiss the frog game

In a fun twist on the classic ‘pin the tail on the donkey game’, you can create a fun ‘pin the frog on the princess’ game instead. You may be able to find a poster of a Disney Princess, or enlarge a picture from the internet onto poster sized paper. Otherwise, simply draw a big princess face onto poster paper.  Then print out some frog clipart onto card, and put some blue tack on the back. Get the children to take turns trying to pin the frog as close to the princess’s lips as possible. Don’t forget a scarf for the blindfold, and a prize for the child who gets their frog the closest.

Cinderella’s lost slipper

Hide a toy princess slipper or child’s plastic shoe in the garden, and have the children race to find it. You might also like to hide lots of ‘royal jewels’, such as plastic rings, necklaces and tiaras. Get the children to find as many as possible, and then allow them to all dress up with the jewellery. You can hand out a prize to the person who finds Cinderella’s slipper.

Rescue the princess

Divide the children into teams, with at least three children in each team. Have one child on each team be the princess, sitting on her throne (a chair). Give another child on the team a roll of crepe streamers. They are the villain and their job is to tie the princess to her throne. Next, the third child will be the hero, who must unwrap and release the princess from her chair. You can play this game as a race, and see which team can wrap and unwrap their princess the fastest. If you have more children than three on a team, they can be additional ‘villains’ or ‘heroes’, helping with the wrapping and unwrapping.

Princess party decorations

You don’t have to spend a lot to set up a princess theme. Pick a colour be it pink, purple, blue or whatever your princess loves and buy a plastic table cloth and plates and cups to match.

You can blow up some balloons or get them filled for you. Balloons on the ground also make for fun at a party as kids love to throw them around. If you want to go more premium go some glitter balloons or throw some tassels on them for an extra special look. 

Online stores like rubyrabbit have sections where everything is themed so easy to get what you need without having to search hard! I love their pink and gold section!

Princess Party Food

Perhaps the easiest way to make your party spread look princessy is to make it pink. Serve pink sprinkles on fairy bread, pink iced cakes, drizzle popcorn with a little pink-coloured melted white chocolate. Or serve foods such as popcorn or grapes in pink paper cups.

Fruit wands also suit the theme. Use a star shaped cookie cutter to cut out a piece of watermelon. Add several grapes or strawberries to a skewer or straw, and top with the star shape.

Serve sandwiches or fairy bread cut into crown shapes. Search the internet for a basic crown shape and use it to make a cardboard stencil. Place this stencil on top of your bread and then cut carefully around with a sharp knife.

To drink, serve pink cordial or fruit smoothies in a DIY glitter dipped glass – easy to make and you can find the instructions here

glitter cups.jpg

Princess Party Favours

Let children take home any princess party hats or jewellery from the party games, as their party favour. I love the idea of a sparkle station – set up some jewellery and other favours and let the guests pick their own!

You can also fill glass jars with pink lollies, and spray paint the lids pink or gold. If you can find small enough plastic tiaras, stick them to the lids with super glue.

Other party favour ideas include a pair of plastic princess slippers, a toy tiara or crown and toy wands.

Want to throw your princess a jewellery making party? Check out our parties and let your daughter explore her inner creativity!